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Real Love Story - A City Romance

23/05/2017 12:51 PM



Kristy-Lee & Josh

Absolutely in love since before they even met.

- November 2016, Adelaide, Australia -



  Working at Lovestruck designing wedding stationery is an amazing job, but sometimes I find myself day dreaming about attending all the grand parties we create invites for! As such, it was especially nice to receive an invite to one of my closest and oldest friends wedding last year.

 In November I headed to the beautiful city of Adelaide for the wedding of the year! And o how beautiful it was. Think grand architecture, vintage cars, exquisite gowns, high end city glamour, a freak hailstorm, dining in a glass observatory and endless flowers.

 But I’ll let Kristy-Lee and Josh tell you a little about their love story and dream wedding...





 Kristy-Lee, Tell us your love story and a little about Josh’s wedding proposal?

 Josh and I met through a mutual friend, Kim; Kim and her now husband Pete were married in New Zealand in May 2013. A few months prior to their wedding, Kim told me “The man of your dreams is coming, a bloke you will definitely end up marrying.” She also told Josh “I’ve got a friend who you ought to get to know!” Josh made a Facebook account so he could talk to me and we talked every day for a few months prior to the wedding.

 Before even meeting we knew we would be together. When we met in NZ Josh told me he loved me within an hour and the job was done!

 Fast forward to the proposal. Josh and I were in Adelaide for a weekend staying at the Stamford Grand. Josh presented me with some beautiful earrings which I stated "Well, it's not a ring, but it will do"… and then I turned to see Josh with a ring box!! Lots of tears followed before some celebratory drinks… However each alcoholic drink in the mini bar we opened had already been emptied and re-filled with water by a previous guest!! So off to the casino it was!

What was the inspiration behind your wedding theme and style and which detail was the most fun to organise?

We just wanted our day to be elegant and romantic, hence the use of beautiful fresh flowers. We weren’t the best organisers, thank goodness for our planner, Simone!! We would have been totally lost without her.




Your wedding venue was certainly very grand. Can you tell us why you chose St Peters Cathedral to be wed in and share a memory of being married in such a magnificent space?

 St Peters is stunning indeed and from the moment we decided to be married in “The City of Churches” we both really wanted to be married in St Peters Cathedral. At first it did not seem within our budget, however we discussed it and decided we would never be able to go past the building without wishing we had been married there. Simone was able to help us make this dream happen for us.

 Walking up the isle was an amazing experience for me, my eyes just focusing on my husband to be. I could sense the grandness of the building around me. Visiting the high alter and our family kneeling together for prayer is a memory I will hold in my heart forever.

Kristy-Lee, your dress was just magical! Can you tell us a little about it? Where was it from? How long did it take to find? Why did you pick it etc?

 My Essence of Australia gown was purchased from Jenny & Gerry’s Bridal House, Adelaide. Wedding dress shopping was not something I particularly enjoyed, being a larger girl I found I did not fit into a lot of the sample gowns. I found this dress while shopping with my mother, who travelled from NSW to help me find the right dress. I tried on three dresses this particular day and when I put this dress on, the consultant showed me what it would look like with cap sleeves…I could see what she was saying and how it would make this dress unique.I took some time to think before going back to the store, as soon as I put it back on I knew it was “the one”.



Tell us a little about the reception venue. Where was it? What was your favorite detail?

Our reception was held at Ayers House Museum. We had our reception in the glass conservatory, which is stunning during day or night. With cobblestone flooring and surrounded by beautiful roses, this was a really romantic location while being practical as it was in the heart of the city.

Are there any funny stories from the day?

Well, it was 30 + degrees in the hours leading up to the wedding so we had spritzing fans at the ready! Following the ceremony, as soon as we started photos the weather turned. It wasn’t long before it was hailing and we had to take shelter in a near by university office!! It was an interesting scene, a full wedding party sitting in the foyer of the University of Adelaide.

Your smile was absolutely contagious on your Wedding day Kristy-Lee, tell us the secret to being this happy!?

 No secret! I just married the love of my life, with everyone we love present to share our special day!




Kristy-Lee and Josh had absolutely no regrets on their wedding day and both fondly remember their wedding as the most perfect day. So many small memories made this day so special, Kristy-Lee’s favorite memory is of her father kissing her and handing her to Josh at the alter and then listening to Josh’s beautiful speech.

 Kristy-Lee and Josh had eyes only for each other and witnessing their love was absolutely amazing. I feel so very blessed to have been there to watch my friend glowing so radiantly on her wedding day.



Wedding vendors:

Photographer: Israel Baldago

 Event planner: Simone from Vow Factor

 Stylist: Plan Style Party

 Florist: Just Wedding Flowers

 Ceremony venue: St Peters Cathedral

Order of Service Booklets: Lovestuck Invitations Custom Design

 Reception venue + Catering: Ayers House

 Entertainment: Nice Cup of DJ

 Rings Kristy-Lee – Angus & Coote  Josh - Andrew Mazzone

 Wedding Dress: Jenny & Gerry's Bridal Centre

Bridesmaids Dresses: For Her and For Him

 Photo Booth: DreamBooths

Hair: Sam Frost

 Cars: Classic Jags

Cake: My dear friend, Evelyn Dumoi.

 Makeup: By Kristys beautiful cousin, Doreen using Bobbi Brown products.






REAL WEDDDING: Rustic New Zealand Wedding

7/02/2017 2:06 PM



Katie & Rupert

Together forever, since ages ago.

- March 2016, Ohakune New Zealand -



Meet Katie Blackstock & Rupert Goldsmith. Otherwise fondly known as the amalgamation of their two surnames "The Goldstocks". This gorgeous pair fell in love when they were scrawny little teenagers. All up they've been together for 16 years, so when Rupert finally popped the question they decided not to wait any longer and pulled out all stops to seal the deal within just 5 short months!

They always knew that they wanted to get married at Rupert's family holiday house near NZ ski-town, Ohakune. A big challenge that they had, was that the tiny property had no electricity and could comfortably fit a maximum of about a dozen guests! Their toughest decision was choosing to only invite their immediate families – which was a grand total of just 12 guests altogether!

The lack of power and isolation of the property meant that everyone invited had to roll up their sleeves and chip in to make the day a success without the help of a fridge to cool the home-made elderflower champagne, or an oven to cook the freshly-caught snapper for dinner! DIY was their underlying theme, and getting everyone personally invested in the day made it even more memorable.

Their wedding day was anything but conventional. They woke up in the same house together, Rupert kindly kept up his tradition of making Katie breakfast, and they helped each other get ready (Rupert was caught ironing his bride-to-be's wedding outfit that morning!). The pre-ceremony photoshoot swept them away, and they turned up an hour late to their own wedding! Oh and to top off their unique approach – Rupert himself walked Katie down the aisle!

It sounds like there were so many stories to be told from this intimate little affair, so we got together with Katie in Brisbane and asked her a few questions about her unique rural wedding day...



How did Rupert pop the question?
One sunny day in October 2015, a mere 14 years into our relationship Rupert and I were skiing at one of our frequent haunts (Turoa Skifield – Ohakune, NZ). He asked me to go out of bounds to do a ski run (always one to lead me astray), and as we were skiing with his dad it was his chance to get me on my own. He took a stop in the middle of the run with not a soul in sight and very sweetly asked “will you marriage me”.

I was to keep the ring under wraps until we got down the mountain to the rest of his family. I’m surprised his dad didn’t start asking questions when I spent the whole trip home in the car including a visit to the supermarket with my ski gloves on!


How long was your engagement?
Only 5 months. Since we got engaged we hadn’t given it too much thought as to when we would get married but we knew we didn’t want a big or traditional style wedding. At Christmas a couple of months in we had Rupert’s parents over from NZ on holiday and they randomly suggested the 26th March so we just ran with it. Then they also bought us an early wedding present so that really locked it in! It was probably good they gave us the kick up the bum we needed to get started as we likely would still be engaged if they didn’t.




Any funny stories from the lead up to the wedding?
Hiding it from all of the friends and family was pretty funny, but also one of the hardest parts about it. When we left at Easter to go to New Zealand our friends in Brisbane (and NZ for that fact) were none the wiser until we arrived back with the big surprise.

Me being a pro-procrastinator really came to a head when I still hadn’t written my vows in the few days before the wedding! Things got a little crazy when we arrived in NZ and finding time alone to write them was a little difficult (so many excuses). The morning before the wedding I took a tiny childs plastic chair out into the middle of a paddock with nobody around (or so I thought) so I could finally get it done.


Tell us more about the 'Red Shed' where you decided to get married?
Right from the get-go it was very clear there was only one place for us, and that was on the holiday property of Rupert’s parents in Ohakune, NZ where we got engaged.

It’s an absolutely beautiful location on bushland, nicely out of the way with no power, very little mobile coverage, and just a coal range for heating and cooking…bliss!
The place is very dear to us and we have spent a lot of time there together over the years creating many fond memories. It is also the place where Rupert’s late sister planted a forest of Red Wood Trees which are now a few metres tall and you will see from some of the later photos of us in the trees how spectacular it is up there.



What inspired your wedding theme?
The theme was really just based on the location we chose. It was a very informal and relaxed affair with a dash of boho and a whole lot of DIY. It was all about family for us and we certainly had all hands on deck for the occasion. We were like a well oiled machine and not one person who shared the day with us did not get involved and help us out in some way.

Aside from the celebrant, the florist and the hair and makeup ladies absolutely everything else was in-house. Rupert’s parents even had a few secrets of their own with custom made aprons (Black & Gold as was becoming a theme to go with our last names) they made and wore on the day while prepping food and gave to the guests to take home. They also arranged a surprise bagpiper who arrived at sundown to play a few tunes. I used to play bagpipes so felt pretty emotional about it all.

Did you have a favourite photo of the day?
During our photoshoot, we went back up to the skifield where Rupert proposed. Being March there was no snow on the ground, but it still was drizzling and icy cold up there! Due to the white out conditions, we decided not to stick around too long to take photos – you could barely see the mountain! Our photographer didn't want us to get too wet & cold, so we opted to move onto our next photoshoot location before the rain set in. In the moment she called us back to the car, Rupert picked me up to walk over the puddles and she snapped a very candid moment of us walking back under an umbrella which really captured 'us' in that moment.


So we understand you're quite the DIY-ers, tell us more about how much DIY you undertook?
It’s pretty hard to avoid a lot of DIY when you have 3 architects in the family. Most of the day was DIY right back to the building of the ‘Red Shed’ – the family bach where it all happened designed and built by Rupert’s parents many moons ago.

Due to the lack of power at the property one of the biggest challenges was lighting the place tastefully and with enough to cook and eat under. Rupert and his sister devised a plan to use old sail fabric lying about to make beautiful pendants. They used car batteries as a power source and got it all rigged up the day before and it worked incredibly well.

My dad the mechanic also fixed up my little old yellow car so it could get back on the road again and brought drove it up to the mountain for us. All food and refreshments were made by the guests including fish caught by my brother in law Blair Haase and beer and elderflower champagne brewed by my other brother in law Ari Stevens. All of the styling for the day was devised and DIYed by ourselves and Rupert’s Mother and Sister. Foliage for the bouquet, button holes and the table was picked from the property by Rupert’s Mum, and the soundtrack for the day was made by every guest who we asked to let us know some of their favourites. Rupert’s parents also spent many weekends in the run up to the event building stone walls, a servery and many other things to make the day grand.


And we're just dying to know who made your 2-piece dress?
I went into a few stores in Brisbane and the Gold Coast but was a bit disheartened when I just didn’t see anything that was me. I was pretty set on having separates as I NEVER wear dresses and I was also keen to include a bit of colour as opposed to having all white. I was starting to feel a bit concerned that I wouldn’t find anything and given the short time frame ordering anything wasn’t an option especially on such a limited budget.

A friend and work colleague (saviour) of mine suggested I try a wonderful lady she and her mother had used for various occasions over the years and so that was how I found Ella! She was just fantastic from the moment I met her and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. She was so lovely, and she listened to what I wanted all the way through the process. There was none of the pushiness/fakery that you find in some dress stores and she was very honest. She created the most incredible top and skirt, even better than I could have imagined and all in a really tight time frame to budget. If you’re after a beautifully made one of a kind dress check her out at Ella Moda.




Can you share a Favourite moment from the day?
We had such an incredible day and we really loved every minute. Sitting down to our family dinner, the surprise bagpiper at sundown and the thunder right as we said our vows were all pretty amazing but I think one of our favourite moments of the day was following the ceremony.

We walked up the hill in our gumboots through the bush to Rupert’s late sisters’ Redwood forest while it was lightly raining and had some photos just the two of us. As we walked up there the sun pushed through the clouds and shone right down through the trees. It was absolutely magnificent and you can see the magical photos that Saffron captured up there, no tricks or filters required! Our guests might argue however that the wooden go kart down the hill was their favourite part of the day.


And finally, do you have any nuggets of advice for other couples planning a wedding?
Have fun and try not to let any stresses get the better of you because when the day finally arrives you will forget all of that and revel in the glory of the day.

Above all it is your day so make sure you both remember that and do it your way. By all means if the big traditional wedding is your jam definitely go all out but don’t succumb to the pressure of having to invite everyone including your aunties ex boyfriends cat if that’s not your dream.





See more of their wedding album here.


Photographer & Cinematographer: Saffron Jensen
Florist: Jennifer Alexander (no website) King Proteas from Green Square
Bridal gown: Custom Skirt and Top by Ella Moda (Brisbane)
Ceremony & Reception venue: Grooms family property in the country a short drive from North Island ski-town Ohakune, NZ
Cake: Dalwyn Pool (friend) - no website
Flowers for cake: Leisha Davies
Cake topper: Hexi Australia
Entertainment: Bagpiper by Friend – Andrew
Celebrant: Lynne Pope from Raetihi, NZ – No website
Rings: Grooms custom made and etched band by Ash Hilton (NZ), Bride's custom hand-made engagement ring doubling as wedding ring by Tammy Keers at Artisans Gems & Jewels (Brisbane)
Ring Boxes: Indigo Bark
First night as a married couple: Powderhorn Chateau, Ohakune NZ


























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As flowers begin to open for full bloom against the Spring sun, and the weather makes its shift towards the infamous Aussie bliss, brides and grooms-to-be are also gearing up to make the big walk down the aisle. Now, with more than 116,000 ceremonies taking place across the country each year, finding a unique angle is becoming more of a challenge.

No matter how you choose to angle the lens and work the magic of the camera, creating inspiring photography is tricky business. Most of the time, it’s easier to leave it to the professionals, allowing them to capture the little things we might end up missing along the way—it’s those hidden moments that make timeless memories.

So, we’ve had a bit of a dabble across our Instagram feed to check out three talented photographers in Australia that are snapping stunning, heart-warming wedding shots.



Creating “Photography is a way of life

 @jamesbennettphoto  |  www.jamesbennett.com.au



Dat arbor. #200f2

A photo posted by James Bennett (@jamesbennettphoto) on

Based in Newcastle’s Hunter Valley, James Bennett prides himself on being a wedding photographer with “high standards”. Approaching his line of work with strong commitment and a heart full of passion, Bennett aims to spend his days collecting inspiration that allows him to create his unique pieces.

His snaps could be described as a combination of rustic charm and an embrace on the Australian surrounds, with many of his images incorporating the natural beauty of the land. Simple, yet elegant, Bennett continues to weave his way across Sydney and beyond, ultimately setting the benchmark in the industry.



“Film challenges and inspires us as artists…it slows us down and forces us to live in the moment”

@byronlovesfawnphotography  |  www.byronlovesfawn.com



Joining forces as a husband-wife duo from Byron Bay, Byron Loves Fawn focuses their work on a creative mix of digital and film mediums. With the rising trend of eclectic, individual art forms, these guys are making waves in the industry. After eight years of snapping up treasurable moments, the pair say their “hearts have never been more full and complete” …and it shows; their work is a perfect sbalance of eccentricity and ambience.

Stating their attention is pointed towards photographing natural beauty and collecting “fleeting moments”, Byron Loves Fawn offers up their talents in the form of purposeful art, which is more than evident in their shots—check out the stunning snaps from Katie and Chris’ wedding.



“Photography is an art of observation”

@zoemorleyphotography  |  www.zoemorleyphotography.com



Titling herself as a “travel junkie”, Zoe Morley’s obsession with taking on adventures has helped her channel her passion into photojournalistic, wedding photography. With a keen focus on keeping the natural side of a ceremony close at hand, Morley takes on each project with the attitude of capturing subjects who are “having fun, feeling relaxed and enjoying [the] day”.

With an impressive portfolio at hand, Morley’s appealing skillset shines through her shots, omitting the raw, emotive edge that creates truly unique moments. Backed by environments that draw on their earthy surrounds, her pieces are a reminder that natural still means powerful.








Stunning Celebrity Brides

23/08/2016 12:41 PM


 After staring dreamy eyed at our Top 7 Hollywood Husbands we thought it nessasary to give you our Top 7 Celebrity Brides.

From the epic grandour of a Royal Wedding to the simple beauty of a backyard garden wedding, these gorgeous brides will have you smiling for days and feeling just a little bit (but really, a lot) jealous!

Scroll down to see our beautiful and most stunning pick of celebrity brides radiating beauty on thier special day.


We couldn’t look past the elegance and pure style of Kate Middelton, as she married Prince William in the most anticipated Royal Wedding since the marriage of Dianna and Charles. On this day Kate was the absolute envy of every woman and girl who ever dreamed of finding Prince Charming and becoming a real life princess.


The unique and timeless beauty of Anne Hathaway is so evident in her gorgeous wedding photographs. Anne’s beautiful off-the-shoulder, vintage inspired dress and elaborate veil are the epitome of beauty. We can only dream of looking so absolutely flawless on our wedding day! Adam Shulman... you sure are one lucky guy!


Drew Barrymore married Will Kopelman in a stunning Chanel dress in 2012. Drew is such a gorgeous bride, radiating beauty through her iconic smile and natural shine. We adore how effortlessly beautiful Drew is in this conservative dress with a touch of old world charm. This teamed with a bright pink bouquet is such a stunning combination.


 Model and actress Poppy Delevingne looked absolutely flawless in an amazing dress designed especially for her by Karl Lagerfeld, of Chanel. If this dress doesn’t have you lusting to be wed... Poppy then held a  second wedding just two weeks later wearing a unique floral, long-sleeved dress designed by Peter Dundas for Emilio Pucci. Arhhhh if only we could have two weddings to the one magical man.


Ellen and Portia celebrated thier 8 year wedding anniversary at he beginning of August and are as in love now as the day they married. The brides had just 19 close family and friends attend their wedding showing us not all weddings require an abundance of guests.

 Witney Carson made the most gorgeous bride in a magical winter wedding. She married her high school sweetheart Carson McAllister in Utah on New Years Day in a chilly negative 8 degrees! Just so you know anything is possible... this wedding was planned in only 3 months!

























Dream Hollywood Husbands

11/08/2016 2:34 PM

It's fair to say that the office has been a little Lovestruck as as we carefully and very thoroughly investigate to complile our list of off-the-market Hollywood Husbands! We each have our own taste, and through much deliberation (and squabbling) we have set in stone our favourite 7 Hollywood Husbands! Each of these dream grooms come with a fairytale wife – who we are quickly developing a little girl-crush on also!!

Take a look for yourself, and let us know in the comments who would be your dream groom!



Brad and Ange need no introduction – and this intimate and personal wedding day in August 2014 was planned by their six kids! Did you know that the couple’s vows were even written by their children Knox and Shiloh?! We all know the story about Ange's wedding dress, but have you seen that very cute (and unpretentious) cake?!


The suave German model looks super so relaxed next to his equally beautiful wife, Olivia Palermo. The understated bride caused a bit of a stir with her casual 3-piece wedding dress (including a Cashmere Sweater and chic white shorts under a tulle skirt!), which matched their very small and very casual ceremony in Bedford. The couple even took their own photos on the day too!

Sorry ladies, but George is officially off the market – snapped up by none other than the beautiful Amal Alamuddin. The couple tied the knot in Venice, September 2014. Did you know that George designed Amal’s engagement ring especially? And yes, that is an Oscar De La Renta gown...


 Matthew and his beautiful Brazilian wife, Camila Alves took their time when deciding to tie the knot. Matthew is know for his relaxed persona on and off the screen, so it's no surprise that the couple married in a casual affair after a 5-year relationship at their home accompanied by their 2 kids.

Stay cool Matthew, you rock.


I think we were all a little surprised to learn that Aaron Paul (who will probably never be able to shake the persona of Jesse Pinkman) is actually a true romantic at heart! He tied the knot with a Paris-themed wedding to activist Lauren Parsekian in Malibu, California. Paul's Breaking Bad co-star, Bryan Cranston was one of his groomsmen, and entertainment included magic by David Blaine, and performances by Foster the People and John Mayer!

Gosh, how do I get on the invite list to a wedding like that?!


An impeccably lavish wedding, for perhaps the one most impeccably gorgeous couples on the planet! Usually a celebrity couple will keep their wedding day as private as possible, but selfie-queen Sofia Vergara (from Modern Family) wasn't shy about sharing her special day through social media! The partygoing newlyweds tied the knot over an enormous 3 days in Florida last November. 

Phew! That sounds like a festival!

Channing is still charming women worldwide, but I think it’s fair to say that we are equally as charmed by his wife, Jenna Dewan! The couple met on the fancefloor, when Jenna was teaching him ballet!

We were tickled to see his post on Instagram to mark the ocassion of their recent 7 year wedding anniversary:
“This woman, 11 years together, 7 married,” he captioned the photo.” Happy anniversary Cake. Thank you baby I love you. Plus you look daaaaaaaaanmm!!!”

Jenna made all the ladies jealous by posting this simple & sweet reply:













Wedding Table Displays

22/06/2016 12:32 PM

We’ve been dreaming of gorgeous wedding celebrations and beautiful table arrangements here at Lovestruck Invitations. Complete Wedding Magazine recently featured our With Joyful Hearts in a styled shoot of a Tiffany Blue table setting. This inspired our thinking of how our wedding invites could inspire your table display. Whether it’s falling in love with a colour palette, or matching up complimentary florals – your wedding invitation could be the start of your whole wedding theme.

Beautiful blue place mats teamed with natural linen and ceramics match perfectly with the cursive type and soft white florals featured on our With Joyful Hearts wedding stationery range.



Our newest design Memories (on sale this month) lends itself well to a simple minimalistic style. We love this gorgeous table display as featured on Cedar Wood Weddings. A clean and simple white table runner, delicate florals, clear glass and stunning dark wood are the ultimate sophistication for the minimalist style.



One of our most popular invitation suites Bouquet features stunning florals on a bold background. This invitation provides a beautiful base for a wedding theme. We imagine a dark rustic table, gorgeous chunky wood elements and pretty pink and orange florals. We absolutely adore this table display as featured on Ruffled.


Love Bubble is a contemporary, modern design that will provide a beautiful color base to match many wedding styles. We imagine white wood in a gorgeous garden setting, flowing green garlands and splashes of yellow.  We LOVE LOVE LOVE this magical bohemian table setting as featured on Style Me Pretty.


If it’s soft timeless elegance mixed with a splash of bold colour, our Flower Bed invite is a great place to start. We are dreaming of a gorgeous summer wedding with fresh floral vibes and endless fruity desserts. We love this stunning table display as featured on The Wedding Playbook, stunning gold vases teamed with gorgeous lavender and apricot flowers. This table would work so well with all of our Flower Bed wedding stationery pieces.


Head over to Pinterest to see all of our favourite dreamy table arrangements. Please let us know if our invites have inspired your wedding theme, colours or displays - we would love to hear from you!








pointer; top: 892px; left: 18px;">Save










Gift Registry Ideas

31/05/2016 1:02 PM


Just last week we put up a helpful blog all about Wishing Well wording, listing the various styles and ways in which you can ask your guests for a monetary gift rather than a boxed present. So this week, to expand on the idea we wanted to share with you some of our favourite gift registry funds which guests can contribute towards. Choose one of our gorgeous Wishing Well cards to express your intentions to your guests.



Thankful Registry
This website has a beautiful interface, and allows you to choose your desired gifts from big and small retailers all around the web. Gifts are added using a bookmarklet tool (similar to a Pinterest pin) suitable for a wedding registry, bridal shower, honeymoon fund, or charity donations. Since gifts are about celebrating the important milestones in life, being thankful is the driving force behind the concept of this website – expressing thoughtfulness, individuality and equality (they proudly represent same-sex marriages too). Cost for this service is only $30 USD for 12 months.



Travelers Joy
Create lifelong memories by booking your dream holiday for your honeymoon! This way your guests can all chip in towards something that they know you will really want. Travelers Joy is a free service, offering lots of advice and tips from previous brides. Their blog is particularily helpful and has so many ideas on where to honeymoon all around the world.

Honeyfund App
Where will married life take you? One can only dream, but more specifically – where will you go for your honeymoon?! Your first year of marriage should be memorable and an overseas adventure is a perfect opportunity to create new adventurous memories with your beloved. The Honeyfund App is one of the most popular crowdfunding sites for an array of registries. You can personalise your own page so that it suits your theme, and reflects your unique style.


You Only Live Once Fund
Design your own adventure, and utilise a simple website like Easy Weddings to create your own fund that people can contribute towards. Think outside the norm, perhaps you’ve always wanted to skydive in Queenstown, bungee jump in South Africa or swim with the whales in Tonga!

Have any other helpful suggestions about registries? We would love to hear about them, so please feel free to add your comments below.


Half Price Gorgeous Wedding Invitations

9/05/2016 1:53 PM


The Graceful range of wedding stationery are simply just that – full of style and grace. As a treat, we have dropped this elegant wedding invitation by 50% for a very limited time! Graceful is especially loved by brides-to-be for it’s subtle elegance and modern charm. They look amazing printed onto either our elegant Shimmer or sophisticated Linen Cardstocks.



Effortless elegance seems to be just the inspiration that the modern bride desires. She wants their wedding stationery to look amazing, but without it becoming intrinsically complicated! Remember, as part of our premium service from Lovestruck Invitations, you are invited to request minor design changes for no extra cost! A designer will work with you one-on-one until you are 100% happy to proceed to print with your wedding stationery.



Soft and flowing flourishes, subtle sparkles and shimmers composed with carefully-crafted typography are imperative for setting a romantic mood in your wedding stationery. We've created some inspiration mood boards on our Pinterest page, make sure you check it out! If you need more ideas of how to incorporate a few more romantic touches into your wedding stationery – read our previous blog!



But why stop at Wedding Invitations, when you can create matching Response cards, Information cards, Dining Menus, Gift Tags, Placecards, Thank you cards... the ways to woo your guests are endless! Your designer will painstalkingly check over your design before we go to print to ensure everything matches perfectly! And if you’re not sure what cardstock to order, or would like to see a printed sample before we print your whole order, simply include a Hard Copy Proof for only $20 to be 100% sure you’re going to LOVE your Graceful Wedding Stationery!

Katie & Chris, based near Melbourne, were very sneaky when it came to planning and hosting their “engagement party” earlier in February this year. They ordered our Chalkboard Engagement Invitations nice and early so that as many guests as possible could attend their celebration – unbeknown to all that the day would actually consist of a surprise wedding! Little did the cheeky couple suspect that they weren't the only ones with a surprise in store, as Mother Nature had bigger plans which would result in a complete turn of events by the time of their reception!

Read about their creative and unique wedding day in the words of Katie herself;

We were treated to a beautiful warm morning for our wedding day. The day turned out to be quite hot, mid 30s from memory which we were thrilled about – the weather seems like such a boring, insignificant way to begin our story however it will make more sense towards the end.

After breakfast at home Chris, my sister Jen (maid of honour) and I headed straight to the venue to begin decorating at around 9am. We spent a few hours setting up including delivering our backdrop – handmade by Chris of course, (he’s very proud) with the help of his brother Nich (best man). After we were all set up we realised we still hadn’t organised our foliage to drape over the backdrop! So Chris and I, secateurs in hand, raced off to a farm nearby to DIY our decorative foliage. Chris was literally climbing up trees cutting the branches down while I braced myself underneath, arms outstretched waiting to catch them falling. We loaded them in the back of the car and headed back to Settlers Run to attach to the backdrop. Once finished I headed back home as Chris went to find his groomsmen.

Waiting for me at home were my amazing hairstylist Lia Hanson and makeup artist Marie Mihail who had already started on my beautiful bridesmaids. Not long after, our insanely talented photographers Kristie and Brett of Byron Loves Fawn Photography arrived. We are eternally grateful for them making the trip down from Queensland for our special day.

As we were getting ready Chris appeared and surprised me with flowers and a balloon with “I love you” plastered across it, which started the tears welling.


An hour or so later the groomsmen arrived and we all headed out to a nearby farm for our photos. Time was ticking and we had to quickly head back home for our first costume change – into our “engagement party” outfits. Quickly we got changed then drove straight to the venue with our “wedding” outfits in tow. We needed to keep these extra outfits hidden of course and get them into the “secret room”. We arrived about quarter to 7 and the party started at 7pm! Our celebration was held at Settlers Run Country Club, in Botanic Ridge, located just under an hour from Melbourne city.


The engagement party had begun and the guests were arriving. At around 7.50pm myself and my bridesmaids snuck off separately into the secret room for our costume change. The boys then snuck off around ten minutes later. The guys got all set up standing next to the backdrop with Michelle Davis our incredible celebrant in the secret room. From what I hear (we couldn’t see what was happening because we were in another secret room for our costume change) the staff at Settlers Run all of a sudden pushed open the temporary wall which made the engagement party and ceremony area one big room!



The guests were surprised with the boys all standing up there proudly, our celebrant standing next to them, the chairs, aisle, candles etc. They were all totally shocked, there was tears, gasps and confusion. One of our guests heard someone say “what are the boys doing up there, are they performing a show for us?”. The guests all merged towards the ceremony area, I’m told with quite a bit of caution still unsure of exactly what was going on.

Meanwhile us girls were being ushered in golf carts around to the back of the building from where we would start to make our way down the aisle. Our good friend Jack Johnstone was performing Northern Wind by City and Colour as we walked down. My dad met me at the entrance to walk me down the aisle.  



One of my most favourite moments was seeing one of my best friends, Elyse from London, 'sitting' in the front row via Skype! She woke up in the middle of the night, put on a beautiful frock, did her hair and makeup and got herself a glass of wine while she watched our ceremony.

Our ceremony was the perfect representation of who we are as a couple – relaxed, funny and full of love. There were equal parts laughter and romance. Chris added his trademark cheekiness too for example during his Dad’s speech after the ceremony he interrupted to say “Dad, have you met Katie?” which made everyone erupt into laughter.

Once the ceremony was over we were mingling with our guests when I suddenly thought “why is there no music?” I expected our DJ to have started by now. At that point a staff member of Settlers Run approached me to let me know there was a power outage in the area due to a huge storm that had rolled in just after our ceremony had begun! We were operating in emergency lighting and those lights would only last for about an hour! So we quickly rushed into our cake cutting, speeches and first dance (by acoustic – Making memories of us by Keith Urban). We’re so thankful to have Jack there otherwise our first dance may have been in silence without power.    

We were then ushered out by the staff for safety reasons as our wedding was cut short. Although there is a happy ending… we ended up heading to a bar with about 40 of our guests and continued to celebrate – we wouldn’t change a single thing about our wedding day and night.

We got married at Settlers Run Country Club which is actually in the estate where we have just built our first home. We moved in at the end of January and a month later we were married there! We’ve had a very exciting start to the year!


To have your wedding day and photos featured as one of Lovestruck Invitations ‘Real Weddings’, please email us [email protected]

Photographer: Byron Loves Fawn Photography   |   Ceremony & Reception Venue: Settlers Run Country Club   |   Celebrant: Michelle Davis   |  Florist: Casey Allsep   |   Cake: Simply Cakes Melbourne   |   Engaement Dress: Maurie & Eve   |   Wedding Dress: Grace Loves Lace    |   Rings: Gray Reid Gallery   |   Hair Stylist: Lia Hanson   |   Make Up Artist: Marie Mihail   |   Entertainment: Jack Johnstone   |   Bridesmaid Dresses: Cooper St, Forever New and Bridesmaids own   |   Men's Suits: Groomsmens own

You’re Engaged! What to expect next...

25/08/2015 2:28 PM

Congratulations – you’re engaged!

I can expect that you and your handsome fella are floating on cloud nine. Suddenly your world has been spun into a whirlwind of endless phonecalls, spontaneous celebration drinks, skype dates with faraway besties all to the sound of endless bottles of champagne being popped! If only you could keep your phone charged long enough to update your Facebook status!



That blissful feeling of finally becoming someone’s Fiancé will be one of the most ecstatic times of your life. Lap up every minute of it, and cherish all the abundance of love and well-wishes from your friends and family... because brace yourself, once all the hype settles down the next feeling might send you into a bit of a spin!

Congratulations – you’re GETTING MARRIED!!

Suddenly on the phone (still running hot, and on only 19% battery life), is your new mother-in-law (to-be) prying for dates, ideas and timeframes for the imminent ‘W’ word... Your Wedding day! It‘s a bit of a mouthful to get used to at first – I certainly had trouble wrapping my mouth around the words “our wedding day”! You immediately have to step into event-planning mode, as you are no doubt faced with all the well-meaning questions and expectations of your big day.

Who knew that photographers need to be booked sometimes a year (or more) in advance?! That you need to get that precious engagement ring insured – STAT!? Then, like most modern families the two, three, maybe four+ sets of families to consider (and potential complicated dynamics), then there’s the DRESS, the Bridesmaids, the style, season, flowers, colours, your budget...

B R E A T H E !


Yes you have a lot of decisions ahead of you, but thankfully you have a team to support you – your fiancé, gal-pals and us are all there to assist you through every step! The Lovestruck Invitations crew are a tight-knit bunch, who put their heart and soul into every invitation we create.

We are specialists in coordinating stylish, unique and timeless wedding stationery. So use our years of combined design (and real-life) experience, to help you bring together a floorless look & feel for your big day. Our designers can adapt any of our invitations to suit your style, and translate the same cohesive look & feel across all of your wedding stationery from your engagement invitations to wedding invitations to wedding menus to your beautiful designer wedding thank you cards. We want you to take some time to just enjoy being engaged, knowing that we will be here to help you as soon as you’re ready to start preparing your wedding stationery.



If you’re planning to throw an engagement party to kick-off the exciting time ahead in the lead-up to your wedding day, we suggest choosing an invitation design and style which you might like to translate across the rest of your wedding stationery further down the track. Our desigers have very carefully, and lovingly, created a wide-range of engagement invitations which are on-trend and timeless. Take a look at some of our most popular engagement invitation designs.

We are here to help you coordinate your wedding stationery, so lean on us and utlise our huge range of designs and skills to make your wedding day preperation seamless and most of all lots of fun!



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