As you gear up to make your way down the aisle, pinning your “something blue” to your dress and tweaking your bouquet for stray leaves, knowing you’ll soon be faced with a familiar audience can be daunting. While the day will be (hopefully) filled with plenty of entertainment, moments to be treasured and relationships to embraced, there’s still the added responsibility of ensuring all guests have walked away with a smile as big as yours.


It’s long been a tradition that guests can be gifted with little gestures and gifts that say “thank you” in a simple way. During the ceremony and reception, it’s inevitable that the bride and groom may struggle to get around to each and every person attending the event, so thanking them for coming becomes even harder. Luckily, coming up with some creative ways for them to take something home with them to cherish or enjoy, serves as a great way to show appreciation for the presence on the day.


Here’s a few unique wedding favour ideas we’ve become inspired by…



Unisex bath salt sachets from Harvest Bliss!
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Think of it as a little bag of replenishment. This custom-made sachet of botanical hints of real herbs and fragrant, nourishing bath salts to give you a touch of R&R when you need it most. Perfect for both males and females, this little wedding favour is a great way to top off the day and give your guests something to rejuvenate in when they may just be feeling a little worse for wear the next day.



Handmade favours celebrating women, and Christmas, at a women's Christmas event



Hessian succulents from Fat Cat Pots!
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Little succulents in cutely wrapped hessian pots—need we say anything more? Probably, because these cuties are a great way to appreciate guests of all ages. Kid-friendly and easy on the eye, these little ones are the perfect addition for the kitchen, bathroom benchtop or coffee table. Pop one in front of each guest’s setting on their table and let them take home something they can actively treasure day in, day out.




A line of colour ❤️


Organic scented candles from Coast Candle Sydney!
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Featuring a stunning collection of organic, natural scents and delicious fragrances, Coast Candle Sydney offers a range of soy candles for all tastes. We’re especially fond of these custom designed options that pay tribute to both your special day and the guests that have attended. Add your own touch with a personalised design from this talented team to put the cherry on top.



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