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Wedding Invitations and Stationery

Are you or someone you know getting married? Here is our helpful guide to navigating your way through the wedding stationery maze and planning process. Once you know your colour and theme it is time to get started.

Save the Date cards

A nice little card that lets people know “Hey we have a wedding date”.  It helps to build excitement about the big day, and is a way to get your guests to mark the date in their calendar to keep it free. Etiquette suggests that if you are having a destination wedding or your wedding date is in the middle of business holiday times you should definitely send your save the date cards out at least 8 months prior to give your guests plenty of time to plan their attendance.

Wedding invitations

Your wedding invitation is the main part of your wedding stationery. It sets the theme and style for your wedding and requires some thought because everything else stems from it. If you have a wedding gift registry you may wish to include the details on the invitation or on its own information card. Allow 8 weeks before your wedding day to send the invitations out. If you use Save the Date cards you can make this time a little less because most guests will already know the date of the wedding.


These little cards are generally included with the wedding invitation with or without a stamped self addressed envelope to send back the guest’s reply. It is wise to give a deadline date for RSVPs to help with final number planning.


Sent with the wedding invitation if the reception is held in another location. You would also consider including a small map to help guests navigate their way from the ceremony to the reception. The reception cards’ purpose is to give the time and location for the reception. You may also need to give accommodation details for guests who need to travel for the wedding. This can all be included on this card and is appreciated by your guests.


This pleasant event is usually held within 3 months of the wedding date. Traditionally this was a party just for girls where homeware, predominantly kitchenware, was given as a gift. Modern day would suggest that this is the tame “hens party” for the older generation but can be a really stylish pre wedding event.


Hens and Bucks parties should be held at least 1 month prior to the wedding to minimise any mishaps with the wedding day itself.  Horror stories of grooms-to-be being sent on overnight train journeys the week of the wedding should be enough to make you think twice about booking your party too close to the big day. Hens and Bucks parties are usually organised by the wedding party on behalf of the bride or groom.


Wedding programs handed out at the ceremony are to give the guests a running order for the ceremony. This booklet may include the names of the bridal party, people giving readings and any songs to be sung. Regardless of your chosen style of ceremony, they make beautiful keepsakes for your guests.


Small little name tags to show guests where they will sit at the reception.  Much thought is given to the seating plan to keep everyone happy so make sure to top it off with a placecard to ensure your efforts are not wasted!

Wishing Well Cards

Wishing wells are boxes usually placed on the wedding gift table at the reception for people to drop envelopes with gifts of money in to. As we move further in to the 21st century more and more couples are already living together before they get married so the need to “set up the house” with their wedding gifts isn’t always relevant anymore. Some couples prefer money so that they can save for a house deposit, pay off some of the wedding, pay for their honeymoon or buy large ticket items for their home. Don’t feel embarrassed about your wishing well just make your message clear and kind on the card. Guests will receive the card with the wedding invite and can make their own minds up if they wish to contribute a gift or money.

Thank you cards

A must do soon after your wedding day, sending thank you cards to your guests for their attendance and or gifts is a gesture that does not go un-noticed.

Find our wedding stationery checklist here for you to work through and please contact us if you have any questions.

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